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:: featured ::


So I was Etsy featured seller! If you missed it catch the interview in the archives here: interview.

Story behind being featured seller: Etsy Admin contacted me back in early October saying we love your shop and want to make you featured seller. Fill out this interview, get these things in order, take photos of yourself/space/work and you will be featured on december 29th-31st. I screamed and jumped around the house with my three year old (baby napping) for at least a half hour when I heard of the news. Anyhow, I had my professional photographer (me hubby) come in and do a photo shoot.

Then the day came. OH. MY. GOSH. I was so nervous the 20 minutes before noon (they switch featured sellers at noon) I seriously felt like I was going throw up. I mean there are 290,000 sellers on ETSY, this is a big deal for little girl from Kentucky. AND with the world wide web, you know how it goes, once you are out there that is it, there is no taking it down or retreating. deal is done. So if I want to become president, you better believe they will pull out that interview and not let me live it down. te he. But still, you get the point.

Anyhow, after refreshing the home page of etsy a thousand and 5 times I popped up! I shrieked! And then it started, convos, orders, hearts, oh me oh my it was fun. People were so nice. I know a lot of the comments were with the intention to get sellers’ own shops noticed, but I pretended like it was all pure intentions b/c it was more fun that way. I received so much encouragement and feedback, it was lovely. People are beautiful. I tried to respond to most of it, and will continue to work my way through it.

My parents were in town as an overlap from our holiday together. Between my husband and parents, they made the whole experience so enjoyable and stress free.

Since friday at noon I have been making making making, responding, relisting items, eating, making, snooze, making, making, eating, packaging. Paul and I packaged the first batch of orders to go out today, I think we worked 5.5 hours on it, roughly. Here is the result (this is maybe a quarter of the orders): 

my small town post office might start to cringe at me soon. By the way have you seen how cute these two are:


:: craft fair recap ::


After Wilmore craft fair, I learned a lot! So you are seeing the better version of the setups. I got moved toward the entrance of the craft fair at South Elkhorn, to which I gave the organizer a enthusiastic high-five. Plus I got to be next to Ginger


Originally on this chalkboard I had a line that said, “my husband is really strong and strikingly handsome.” One woman came up to me asking where my husband was, wanting to see him. When he found out about it he made me erase it (sad face). Another woman gave him and up and down check out and said to me, “yes he is!”

Street Scene in Lexington took all 20 of my owls, so for now if you want one go there! I think I will do another run of prints on them and post them on etsy in a week or a few.

I may be taking some of my paper collage ‘bursts’ to artique in lexington-but they will double in price there because I can not wholesale those, they are already at their best price-as is my modo, I start with my best price.

Altogether, lots of fun and profitable (hooray!). Some of the hardest work of my life-but now I am stocked up for Christmas! I am posting things slowly as I’ve taken a break the last few days.

On my to do list:

post prints (by grace you’ve been saved, Jesus paid it all, and think on these-whatever is pure…) in different papers, revamp clipboards that I will be keeping in stock (new papers! YAY), make owls and post owls,


:: as of recent ::


my baby turned one. we celebrated with donuts at the orchard with our dear friends Jean & Tim.

I’ve been making more clipboards-this is my station in process-boards have been sanded, they are being glued, pressed, rubbed down then trimmed, then later stamped with logo then sprayed.

a new woodcut is coming! Paul requested this verse. for it is by grace that you have been saved…

new to clipboards–old maps! super excited about this.

and….BRIDES magazine requested samples of my boards and I will potentially be in the January issue! HA! how cool, I sent four boards to Times Square…I so wanted to go with those boards.

cutting lots of squares for flower making. I’m prepping for 2 arts+craft fairs Oct 2 [wilmore, KY]and Oct 9th [Lexington, KY]

I’m thinking about making a measuring poster for the boys to mark their heights + learn measuring, bigger/smaller, numbers…all that jazz. It is on super cool vintage graph paper from ellie of mint design’s etsy shop.

two logos in process. really thrilled about both of these.

spray painted this. it will hold my flowers at the arts + craft fairs. found it at street scene in Lexington- i love that place.

painted this bookshelf and that tall thing. both will be used at the fairs, and conveniently will make great hallway pieces.

upcycled these cans and will be selling them-i love them!

and the last thing of recent…making new friends. AHHHH! seriously, could he get any bigger?!

elijah and I had to go in the front door after we refused to walk back in the door he was on. then I had to lock the door just to help me feel safer.

etsy craft party tonight!


I will be bringing supplies for 8 people to make one of these cute little tweety birds. There will be lots of other crafts as well.

come join the fun! ::

Fractions to a Whole


I’m thrilled to announce new to my etsy shop: baby’s first year calendar “fractions to a whole”.

Just Enough


…for the important things in life.

Money and time have been on my mind recently, two things that I feel there is never enough of. But you know there is always enough for what you really want. And honestly, what I really really want is to be content in the Lord, and that doesn’t take money.

It is a matter of what is most important and where your priorities lie, and something [like this blog for instance] has to give.

But I will try to make sure until the day I die that these three don’t have to give:

see the sabertooth baby (above)? haha. the other one is just starting to poke through, but for a few months that one tooth has been flying solo.

:: clipboards with new notepads ::


Forget the ipad…all you need is a new notepad! Okay get the ipad (I want one too) AND get a new clipboard with notepad.

Will post soon on my etsy site for purchase.