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whimsical annual report



cover of annual report, yes I hand painted with watercolor the title ‘Community Report 2006-2007’. I also hand painted every background for every page.  There are three ‘connector’ lines going throughout the whole piece representing the three major focuses that College Mentors for Kids has, Inspire, Educate, and Connect. 


I made an effort to combine the best of handmade work with the best of the computers’ capabilities in this project, while combining a hint of childlike whimsicalness with a target toward intelligent professionals. I think the outcome is perfect for this piece. I have to say it is one of my favs. 


Yes, that is Tony Dungy, he is a big supporter of College Mentors and spoke at their annual benefit in 07. I have to say, Paul and I have tossed out the idea of naming our second son Dungy, after this stellar man. Also on this page in the ‘By the Numbers’ section, I hand painted each of those numbers in each bubble. 


The process to this report took some strategy, I had to layout the whole report. Print off the general page layout, using transfer paper lightly mark onto the watercolor paper where to paint and where not to paint, then of course paint with watercolor just a one color background which you see as the blue. I then scanned the watercolor images in, did a minor amount of photoshop work to cover up a few blunders, place the images behind the text and images and line it all up to perfection on the computer…now does that make sense? I’m a wee bit of a nerd, I know. 


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