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::I heart french press knits::


Look out for French Press Knits. She is on her way. Melynda is a great great friend of mine, one of the best you could ask for, shoot since like middle school-16 years (so I totally just pulled out the calculator to do that math). I’ve been feeling so old recently-it is the first year in my life that I understand why all the old people say that. Anyhow back to my story, since French Press Knits has the best slipper pattern out there, the kind of pattern that even people who get grumpy when they a forced to craft get the sudden urge to buy yarn and needles, she has sold thousands of copies. This is where I come in: I got to partner with her putting my design skills to work redesigning her pattern with the objective of wholesale. The above photo is just a glimpse of the first page. You will have to buy it to see the rest.

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  1. 01/28/2010 4:34 PM

    Awww… I heart box64studios! Now we just need to get you knitting…

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