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:: a whimsical lamp ::


A friend of mine custom ordered a lampshade for a playroom. She used these Ikea fabrics and asked for a shade to accent the fabrics. I’m so thrilled over how the shade turned out.


:: double the greatness ::


My momma’s momma passed this on to me as she recently moved out of her house into assisted living. She knew I would love it, and love it I do, for more than just it’s inherent beauty and craft (my heart goes pitter-patter a little faster when I look at it), but because it was hers and she wanted me to have it. It is my most favorite piece of furniture in my house – and I love furniture – thank you grandma it means more than you know.

*please note shelf decoration is a work in progress

:: got milk? nope. ::


Ever wonder what $70 worth of glue looks like? well here you have it folks 1 gallon (and that was a pretty good price too). Fun fact: Paul told me that cereal commercials use glue instead of milk!

Just for the fun of it I’m going to take a quick inventory of all the glue I have:

8 small elmers glue sticks (which is on the low side-elijah goes through them fast with all the googly-eye glueing he does)
YES paste (getting low-need to restock)
super 77 sray
regular elmers
book binders slow drying glue
mod podge (matte)
gorilla glue (this stuff is out of this world-still figuring out how to use it well)
other assorted glue sticks
sobo glue
tacky glue
itoya o’glue jumbo (with sponge tip)
wood glue
wood glue stainable

oh my gosh…that is a lot of glue..I’ve even surprised myself…not to mention all the different kinds of tape I have!

:: stephens olympics 2010 ::


Paul proposed that we play olympics tonight for a little stay at home date night while the kiddos sleep. The games will be as follows: Stratego (our recent favorite board game-my strong suit), Speed (card game-his strong suit), and who knows the other person better question game (from a book, his strong suit). Winner gets $30 to spend for their leisure. I made these for us to wear as our official competitor signage. tehe. I’m excited. You are going down paul michael.

::I heart french press knits::


Look out for French Press Knits. She is on her way. Melynda is a great great friend of mine, one of the best you could ask for, shoot since like middle school-16 years (so I totally just pulled out the calculator to do that math). I’ve been feeling so old recently-it is the first year in my life that I understand why all the old people say that. Anyhow back to my story, since French Press Knits has the best slipper pattern out there, the kind of pattern that even people who get grumpy when they a forced to craft get the sudden urge to buy yarn and needles, she has sold thousands of copies. This is where I come in: I got to partner with her putting my design skills to work redesigning her pattern with the objective of wholesale. The above photo is just a glimpse of the first page. You will have to buy it to see the rest.

my newish paper storage


All I have to say is that I have the best husband ever, he made me my very own paper storage unit. People, seriously, I used to keep my paper rolled up so every stink’n time I wanted even a square inch of paper I had to unroll this huge layered stack of papers then sort through, it was awful. BUT NOW THIS! AHHHHH the angels sing with me in my delight. The shelves slide out too! *bonus*

flowers of love


new for valentines day on my etsy site: